Franklin Swann, Bio

BS - Radford University

MBA - Vanderbilt University

COO: Virginia Talk Radio Network

Admissions Director: Job Corps

Owner: The Swann Group, Inc.

Sales Director: PepsiCo

Sales Manager: Oscar Mayer Co.

Sales Agent: Penn Life Insurance Co.

Paperboy: Lynchburg News and Daily Advance

Gardener: Mom's Backyard

Door-to-door sales kid: Nearby neighborhoods

Franklin Swann

I've been selling things since I was seven years old. In the back of a comic book I read an advertisement that said you could earn money by simply selling Christmas Cards neighbors and friends door-to-door.

At the age of seven, I thought I'd give it a try...

At this point I'm sure Dad got involved with writing a check to the Christmas Card Company and helping me mail it to the company.

The cards arrived. I got on my bike.

I went door-to-door in my neighborhood, ringing door bells, asking the person answering the door if they would like to help me earn money to buy my mother a Christmas present.

Then I told them I was selling Christmas Cards.

I didn’t understand then that selling was all about the emotion of the sales decision. I was simply a naïve kid telling my story. I simply wanted to make money to buy my mother a Christmas present.

Neighbors opened their front doors to a boy who was making money to buy his Mom a Christmas present.

Most everyone said yes.

I learned at the age of seven the simple secret of successful selling.

You are not pushing a product on someone, you’re fulfilling a need.

In simple terms, it’s not about the car …

it’s about how sitting behind the wheel makes the driver feel.

My neighbors felt good buying my cards, helping me to personally buy a gift for my mother at Christmas. My neighbors became a part of my story.

That’s where it started for me,

selling things

using a method

that made buyers

feel good.

Please understand, I have never sold a product I didn't personally believe in and use myself.

And even though I could sell anything, I didn't.

At the end of each day, I believed

I was selling something that the customer needed,

and wanted,

and would satisfy a need.

Selling Christmas cards ultimately lead to selling other things

like newspapers, fresh vegetables I'd grown, and holiday gift wrap as a fund raiser for school.

I sold popcorn for the Boy Scouts.

In college I sold life insurance to my classmates and fraternity brothers.

After college I got a job with Oscar Mayer selling processed meat to grocery store chains.

I was hired by the Pepsi-Cola Company in their Food Service Division. I was told to convince restaurant chains to sell Pepsi and not Coke (which they'd been doing since the invention of the fountain machine in 1890.)

In 1995 I started my own business The Swann Group. We sold B2B solutions to companies like T-Mobile

First Student (Laidlaw), Babcock and Wilcox, and Taco Bell and KFC for many years.

I took a five year job with Job Corps. Among the most rewarding things I've done in my life, I had the privilege to "sell" a vocational trade education to disadvantaged youth.

During COVID I started a job that taught others

how to sell in ZOOM sessions.

Now I sell radio spots for the

Virginia Talk Radio Network

I don't sell advertising, I sell traffic and awareness.

If you've read everything I've typed in this story you already know that I only sell things that people need, want, and will satisfy a need.

Name a private business that doesn't need customers.

Name a private business that doesn't need help making people aware of what they do, or when they do it.

You can't name any private business that doesn't need help

with more customers and more awareness.

I'd like to share how spreading your message over a large geographic area will address your customer and / or awareness problem.

I'd like to educate you about the incredible value radio provides versus other advertising media.

I can offer you four ways we can meet.

Zoom Call

Register for a Zoom conversation on a day and at a time

that fits your schedule.

You can schedule a free 30 minute or less conversation by clicking here:

Office Call

Call Melinda @ 866 916-3776

She will schedule me to visit your office at a

time and date that fits your needs.

Phone Call

Call me @ 434 209-4643

We can conduct business over the phone

and I can email you after the call

any information you want to see.

Text Call

Text me @ 434 209-4643

We can conduct business over via text

and I can email you after the texts

any information you want to see.

Over my lifetime I've taken many personality tests.

I score really high in empathy and amiability.




the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.




having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner.

I share this information so you know

I am not a pushy person or in anyway a typical salesman.

I am an expert advisor.