Franklin Swann, Bio

BS - Radford University

MBA - Vanderbilt University

Owner: The Swann Group, Inc.

Admissions Director: Job Corps

Sales Director: PepsiCo

Sales Manager: Oscar Mayer and Co.

Sales Agent: Penn Life Insurance

Paperboy: News and Advance

Gardener: Mom's Backyard

Door-to-door Sales: My neighborhood

Franklin Swann

I've been selling products since I was about seven years old. In the back of a comic book I read an ad that said you could earn money by selling Christmas Cards door-to-door.

I tried it.

I went door-to-door in my neighborhood, ringing door bells, asking the person answering the door if they would like to help me earn money to buy my mother a Christmas present.

Then I told them I was selling Christmas Cards.

I didn’t understand then that selling was all about the emotion of the sales decision. I was simply a naïve kid telling the truth.

I wanted to make money to buy my mother a gift. Neighbors opened their front doors to a boy who was making money to buy his Mom a gift.

Most everyone said yes.

This is the simple magic of successful selling. You are not pushing a product on someone, you’re fulfilling a need.

In simple terms, it’s not about the car …

it’s about how sitting behind the wheel makes the driver feel.

So, that’s where it started for me,

my thirst for selling things by making it easy

for people to buy things they feel good about.

Selling Christmas cards lead to selling other things

like daily newspapers, fresh vegetables I'd grown, and holiday gift wrap.

In college I sold life insurance to my fraternity brothers.

After college I sold Oscar Mayer products to grocery stores,

and then I sold Pepsi-Cola products.

In 1995 I started my own business selling B2B solutions

to companies like T-Mobile and Taco Bell and KFC.

Recently I sold hope for a future to impoverished

youth at Job Corps.

Now I sell on-line sessions via Zoom

where I teach and coach

others how to sell.

I offer a no-cost no-obligation Zoom call

so we can become acquainted.

During the initial call you and I will determine

whether there is a fix and a fit.

If we both decide to move forward I set up calls on a schedule

that works for the you. Each call lasts about 45 minutes.

You can schedule a session here:

Over my lifetime I've taken many personality tests.

I score really high in empathy and amiability.




the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.




having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner.

I share this information so you know I will not laugh at you,

scare you, or otherwise make you uncomfortable.

You are not broken, and I'm not going to try to "fix" you.

I'm only going to teach you the art of selling, young grasshopper.

Please know, I’m actually an okay guy,

and you can ask my wife or kids if you don’t believe me.

If you’re like most people in sales you:

Hate rejection

Dislike cold calling

Don’t want to seem pushy

Don’t handle objections well

Don’t close the sale often enough.

Here's a fun exercise to show you

how I teach a new sales mindset.

You see a person on the street,

they can't open a door

because they're carrying too many bags.

You walk up to this person and say:

may I help you with that? They say: thank you … yes.

You hold the door open, they walk through, they smile and thank you.

Do you see what happened there?

You sold your business service, your door opening service.

You took your talent for opening doors and being helpful

and you sold it to a person in need.

You provided a service someone needed

and introduced your services to them.

You weren't even thinking about rejection …

You were just trying to be helpful.


If you understand this simplistic example…

you’re already half-way home.

My lessons focus on two elements,

process and mindset.

They are both equally important and required.

You will come to appreciate you have a responsibility

to inform the uninformed about your product

and how buying it will improve their life !!

I don't know you yet, but I do already know:

You are enough.

Selling is a valued profession,

executed by honorable people.

You can achieve any goal

you set for yourself.

You currently have a issue or a need.

You need a tactic or a strategy to sell or manage

or promote a product.

May I help you with that?

I'm simply here to help.

I'll hold the door.

Please let me share with you the details of making a really

good life for yourself and your family

by selling products to those in-need.

I’ve done it for decades,

I’m still doing it.

Let me show you how.

BTW: My service fee is a tiny fraction of the value to you and your family.

I bring up cost now because

you’re wondering about it right now.

You’re wondering if you should schedule an introductory session

and you’re wondering about money.

This is a natural feeling, and everyone feels this way.

It’s because you are uncertain

Uncertainty is the human emotion that stops progress.

You want to feel certain before you commit to moving ahead.

I know and appreciate and understand this emotion.

I'm telling you now, you will be certain after we talk,

Take a leap of faith and schedule a intro session

There is no cost for the intro session,

we'll talk and get the info you need

to make an informed decision.

Once you become certain you will also

become comfortable with the decision

to move forward with my help

or move ahead without my help.

Either way, you've learned something.

Everyone I’ve taught in the past

has taken the time to thank me


share their new-found success with me.

If you want the joy that comes naturally

from finally making a decision,

schedule now.