I work with individuals and small businesses in sales, leadership, product launches, upstarts, and general business consultation. I teach and coach sales teams, and admissions counselors within vocational trade schools including Job Corps. I can help anyone who seeks coaching, instruction or strategies related to achieving target sales and/or admissions goals.

My class sessions are on-line using Zoom, so you can learn from anywhere you have Wi-Fi. Each session lasts about an a hour. I can schedule them to meet your needs and availability.

Programs I teach are segmented into modules. Each module is designed to address an area that needs development. The modules ensure I don't waste clients money and time teaching something they don't need or can't use.

When I first meet a new prospective client I ask for a short on-line Zoom call to discuss the process and ensure there’s a fit for both parties. As we talk I'll better understand what areas of concern are and make recommendations for lessons that will address those concerns.

To participate in an 45-minute on-line exploratory session at no cost and no obligation, please schedule here: calendly.com/swanngroup